As I Lay Dying
Manuscript, page 35 (detail). Transcription follows image.
Detail: Page 35, As I Lay Dying Ms
William Faulkner Foundation Collection, 1918-1959, Accession #6074 to 6074-d, Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections,
University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.   [Item Metadata: Autograph manuscript. 108 p. (107 R, 1 V) on 107 l. Slipcase.]


They had laid her in it bottomside up. Cash made it clock-shape, like this       with every joint
and seam bevelled and scrubbed with the plane, tight as a drum and neat as a sewing-basket, and they
had laid her head to the foot in it, because it would crush her dress. It was her wedding dress and it
had a flair-out bottom, and they laid her upside-down in it so the dress could spread out, and they had made
her a <[vel ou?]> veil out of mosquito-bar so the places where the auger had dug her face wouldn't show.

When we <was> are going out the preacher comes He <was> is muddy to the waist, coming in. "The Lord comfort this house,"
he says. "I was late because the bridge over the river is gone. I went down to the old ford and swum my
horse. Let the Lord pardon it and comfort this house."