“A Justice”
Manuscript, page 2. Transcription follows image.
Page 2, A Justice Ms
William Faulkner Foundation Collection, 1918-1959, Accession #6074 to 6074-d, Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections,
University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.   [Item Metadata: "A Justice" Autograph manuscript, 12 p. (10 R, 2 V) on 10 l.]



This is how Herman Basket told it. He said that when Doom came back from New Orleans, he brought this <black> woman with him.
He brought 6 <black people> niggers, tho Herman Basket said they already had more niggers in the Plantation than they had any use for. They
used to <hunt> run them with dogs, like you would a fox or a cat or a coon. But Doom brought 6 more. He said he won them on the
boat, getting off the boat with 6 more niggers, Herman Basket said, and a big box in which something was alive, and the gold box
of New Orleans salt. And Herman Basket told how Doom opened the box in which the live things were and took a puppy out, and
how he made a bullet of bread and a pinch of the salt in the gold box, and put the bullet into the puppy's mouth, and the puppy

That was the kind of man that Doom was, Herman Basket said. He told how <Doom> when Doom got off the boat that night, he had
on a coat with gold braid and he had 3 gold watches, but Herman Basket said that even after 2 years, Doom's eyes had not changed.
He said that Doom's eyes were just the same as before he went away, before his name was Doom, and he and Herman Basket and
my pappy used to sleep on the same pallet and talk at night, as boys will.

Doom's name was Ikkemotubbe then, and he was not born to be the Man, because his mother's brother was the Man, and the Man
had a son of his own, <a boy about your size,> as well as a brother. But even then, and Doom no bigger than you are, Herman
Basket said that sometimes the Man would look at Doom and he would say: "O Sister's Son, your eye is a bad eye, like the eye
of a bad horse.

So the Man was not sorry when Doom got to be a young man and said that he would go to New Orleans. The Man was getting
old then, <and he liked to pitch horseshoes or play mumble peg, except that he liked mumble peg better, Herman Basket said>
He used to like to play mumble peg and pitch horseshoes both, but now he liked mumble peg best, Herman Basket said. So he was not
sorry when Doom went away, tho he didn't forget about Doom. Herman Basket said that each summer when the whiskey trader
came, the Man would ask him about Doom. "<Have> He calls himself David Callicoat now," the Man would say. "But his name is
Ikkemotubbe. You haven't heard maybe that a David Callicoat was drowned in the Big River, or killed in the white man's fight at
New Orleans?"

But they didn't hear from Doom, Herman Basket said, until one day he and my pappy got a written stick from Doom to meet him
at the Big River. Because the steamboat didn't come up our river any more then. The steamboat was still in our river, but it didn't go
anywhere any more. Herman Basket told how one day during the high water, about 3 years after Doom left, the steamboat came and
crawled up onto a sand-bar and died.

That was when Doom got his second name, the one before Doom. Herman Basket told how 4 times a year the steamboat would come up
our river, and how the People would go to the river and camp and wait to see the steamboat pass, and he said that the man who
told the boat where to swim was named David Callicoat. So when Doom told Herman Basket and pappy that he was going to New Orleans,
he said, "And I'll tell you something else. From now on, my name is not Ikkemotubbe. It is David Callicoat. And someday I'm going to
own a steamboat, too." That was the kind of man that Doom was, Herman Basket said.

So after 7 years he sent them the written stick, and they took the wagon and went to meet him, and he got off the steamboat
with the 6 niggers. <and the box in which something was alive> "I won them on the steamboat," he said. "You and Craw-ford (my pappy's
name was Crawfish-ford, <sometimes> but mostly Craw-ford) can <have them> divide them."

"I don't want them," Herman Basket said that pappy said.

"Then Herman Basket can have them all," Doom said.

"I don't want them either," Herman Basket said.

"All right," Doom said. Then Herman Basket said that he asked Doom if his name was still David Callicoat, but instead of answer, he said