“A Justice”
Manuscript, page 3. Transcription follows image.
Page 3, A Justice Ms
William Faulkner Foundation Collection, 1918-1959, Accession #6074 to 6074-d, Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections,
University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.   [Item Metadata: "A Justice" Autograph manuscript, 12 p. (10 R, 2 V) on 10 l.]


<"Look," Herman> how Doom told one of the negros in the white man's talk to light a pine knot. And then they were watching <and?> Doom take the puppy out of
the box and make the bullet of bread and of the New Orleans salt which Doom had in the gold box, when Herman Basket said that
pappy said:

"I believe you said that Herman and I were to divide these black people." Then Herman Basket said that he saw that one of the
niggers was a woman.

"You and Herman dont want them," Doom said.

"I wasn't thinking when I said that," pappy said. "I will take the lot with the woman in it. Herman can have the other 3."

"I dont want them," Herman Basket said.

"You can have 4, then," pappy said. "I will take only the woman and one other."

"I dont want them," Herman Basket said.

"I will take only the woman," pappy said. "You can have the other 5."

"I dont want them," Herman Basket said.

"You dont want them, either," Herman Basket said Doom said to pappy. "You said so yourself." Then the puppy was dead, <"[How?]
Doom told said that he had 11 of them at first, but there were just 3 left. "Where are the others?" Doom said,> and Herman Basket said,

<"You need them," the nigger said.> "You didn't tell us what your name is now."

"My name is Doom now," Doom said. "It was given me by a French chief in New Orleans. In French talking, Doo-um. In our
talking, Doom."

"What does it mean?" Herman Basket said.

"It means, the Man," Doom said. Herman Basket said how they thought about that. He said they stood there in the dark, with the
puppies that Doom hadn't already used whimpering and scuffling in the box, and the light of the pine knot shining on the eyes of the black
people and on Doom's gold coat and on the puppy that had died.

<He talked in our language now, not the wh>

"You could not be the Man," Herman Basket said. You are on the sister's side." And the Man has a brother and a son."

"That's right," Doom said. "But if I were the Man, I would give <this woman> Craw-ford these black people. I would give Herman something too.
For every black man I gave Craw-ford, I would give Herman a horse, if I were the Man."

"Craw-ford only wants this woman," Herman Basket said.

"I would give Herman 6 horses any way," Doom said. "But maybe the Man has already given Herman a horse."

"No," Herman Basket said. "My ghost still walks."

It took them 3 days to reach the Plantation. They camped at night on the road. <Herman Basket told how he would hear pappy
and Doom talking in the dark, about the woman. "I dont think that you trust me," Doom said.>

<"I trust you," pappy said. But - " Then Herman Basket said he could not hear any more, except that they talked for
a long time.> They reached home of the 3rd day. Herman Basket said that the Man was not very glad to see Doom, even tho Doom
brought a present for
[margin: of candy]
the Man's son. He brought something for all his kinfolks, even for Sometimes-Wakeup. Herman Basket told how he
and pappy went with Doom to visit Sometimes-Wakeup in his cabin by the creek. It was at night and Doom told Herman Basket
to close the door. Then pappy put the puppy on the floor and Doom showed Sometimes-Wakeup how the New Orleans salt
worked. When they left, Herman Basket said how Sometimes-Wakeup burned a stick and covered his head in the blanket.

That was the first night <they were> Doom was home. In the <third> second day, <the boy who waited on the Man> Herman Basket told
how the <boy who waited on the Man at> Man began to act strange at his food, and died before the Doctor could get
there and burn sticks. When the Willow-Bearer went to fetch the Man's son to be the Man, they found that he had acted
strange and then died too. <When they buried the boy, Doom said: "This is a little warrior fixed the boy for burial, Doom said>