“A Justice”
Manuscript, Detail page 3 Verso. Transcription follows image.
Detail page 3 Verso, A Justice Ms
William Faulkner Foundation Collection, 1918-1959, Accession #6074 to 6074-d, Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections,
University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.   [Item Metadata: "A Justice" Autograph manuscript, 12 p. (10 R, 2 V) on 10 l.]


As soon as Doom got to be Man, he began to talk about getting the steamboat out of the river. Even before the Man and his son were
buried and the feasting and horse racing were over, Doom was talking about how the House was not big enough. Herman Basket said that every
time pappy would go to Doom and say, "About this woman - " Doom would begin to talk about the House.

"We will make the steamboat walk over here and stand beside the House," Doom said. "Then it will be bigger."