“A Justice”
Manuscript, Detail page 4. Transcription follows image.
Detail page 4, A Justice Ms
William Faulkner Foundation Collection, 1918-1959, Accession #6074 to 6074-d, Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections,
University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.   [Item Metadata: "A Justice" Autograph manuscript, 12 p. (10 R, 2 V) on 10 l.]


"Now Sometimes-Wakeup will have to be Man," Herman Basket said that pappy said.

So the Willow-Bearer went to tell Sometimes-Wakeup that he was now the Man. The Willow-Bearer came back soon. "Sometimes-Wakeup does not
want to be Man," he said. "He is sitting in his cabin with his head wrapped in his blanket."

"Then Doom will have to be the Man," pappy said.

So Doom was the Man. But Herman Basket said that pappy's ghost would not be easy. Herman Basket said he told pappy to give
Doom a little time. "I am still walking, too," he said.

"But this is a serious matter with me," pappy said.

He said that at last pappy went to Doom,
[margin: in the middle of the eating and the horse-racing,]
before the Man and his son had entered the earth. "What woman?" Doom said. <Then Herman

"You said that when you were the Man –" pappy said. Herman Basket said that Doom was looking at pappy but that pappy was not looking
at Doom.

"I think you dont trust me," Doom said. Herman Basket said how pappy did not look at Doom. "I think you still believe that
puppy was sick," Doom said. "Think about it."

Herman Basket said that pappy thot.

"What do you think now?" Doom said.

Herman Basket said how pappy did not look at Doom. "I think it was a well dog," pappy said.