Flags in the Dust
Typescript, page 409. A transcription of the handwritten passages follows the image.
Page 409, Flags in the Dust Ts
William Faulkner Foundation Collection, 1918-1959, Accession #6074 to 6074-d, Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections,
University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.
[Item Metadata: [SARTORIS] FLAGS IN THE DUST. Bound typescript volume, 593 p. (593 R, O V) on 593 l. Slipcase. With autograph corrections.]


[Top:] "He was zig-zagging: that was the reason I couldn't get <a shot> on the hun. Every time I got my sights on him, Johnny'd barge in the way again.
Then he quit zig-zagging. Soon as I saw him side-step I knew it was all over. Then I saw the flame streaking out along his wing, and he <too> was
looking back at me. The hun stopped shooting then, and all of us sort of just [lay?] there for a while. I couldn't tell what John was up to until I saw him
swing his legs onside. Then he thumbed his nose at me like he always was doing and flipped his hand at the hun and kicked his machine out of the
way and jumped. He jumped feet first. You cant fall far feet first, you know, and so pretty soon he sprawled out flat. There was a bunch of cloud
right under us by that time, and he smacked on it right on his belly, like what we <[would?]> used to call gut-busters in swimming. But I never could pick him
up below the cloud. I know I <got down> was below it before he could have come out, because after I was down there his machine came

[Margin:] swinging out right at me, burning good. I pulled away from it, but the damn thing <half-[illegible]> did <an Immelmann> a split-turn and rushed at me again, and I had to dodge. And so I never could pick him up <again> when he came out of the cloud. <I got down <<[illegible]>> fast as I could, but I couldn't find him again. Then they starting shooting at me from the ground — "> I went down fast, until I knew I was below him, then I climbed again. But I couldn't find him, and I thought maybe I<'d> hadn't gone low enough, so I dived again. But I couldn't pick him up Then they started shooting at me from the ground.