Errata in 2011 Go Down, Moses

The quotations and page numbers in our representation of Go Down, Moses use the most recent (2011) Vintage International paperback edition. That text is based on the "corrected text" of the novel that Noel Polk established for the 1994 Library of America volume of Faulkner's Novels 1942-1954, but unfortunately it contains a number of typographical errors. They appear below in the lefthand column, with the correct text listed to the right.

Vintage International
[with page.line numbers]
      Library of America
no one. [5.5]
his lips [12.28]
and then [18.27]
tilted the shadow [29.30]
      no one
her lips
and when
tilted the shade
            "The Fire and the Hearth"
people form whom [34.15]
white man, including [37.10]
in the drawer [52.27]
wait until I am [60.18]
wait until Mister [60.29]
floated shreds [61.23]
wife stars to yelling [63.18]
"There are two [63.27]
"Hit looks like [66.13]
pass - the faces [69.30]
old man [70.25]
house until Mister [71.30]
said. "Sounds like [72.15]
you were to [75.5]
      people from whom
white men, including
in that drawer
wait unto I am
wait unto Mister
floated the shreds
wife starts to yelling
"There was two
"Hit look like
pass - and faces
old white man
house unto Mister
said. "Sound like
you where to
            "Pantaloon in Black"
shade beneath the [138.7]
through the the belly's [139.17]
      shade beside the
through the belly's
            "The Old People"
lean, stopped a [168.12]
following silience the [173.26]
      lean, stooping a
following silence the
            "The Bear"
th eother skins [184.9]
moved and up beside [187.7]
Compson sid at [202.8]
mine an McCaslin's [202.22]
men rationlise from [204.1]
have ben his [241.6]
the instance when [243.19]
oneroom log [248.15]
a handwrought nail [248.31]
nor the text: [255.22]
a hencoop: just [264.4]
what he got.' [275.14]
him badly why [294.12]
first, soldier perhaps, [296.10]
His died. [301.33]
"Mr. Boon here [306.22]
      the other skins
moved up beside
Compson said at
mine and McCaslin's
men rationalise from
have been his
the instant when
one-room log
a hand-wrought nail
nor the next:
a hen-coop: just
what He got.'
him baldly why:
first, solider perhaps,
His voice died.
"Mr Boon here
            "Delta Autumn"
louder than cut short [339.27]
"Is that it?" he cried. [340.14]
never mid that [340.30]
      louder then cut short
"Is that his?" he cried.
never mind that
            "Go Down, Moses"
he said. [357.32]
"We are dar," [361.4]
Negro murderers catafalque [364:10]
      she said.
"We all dar,"
Negro murderer's catafalque