The Sound and the Fury
Manuscript, page 148 (detail). Transcription follows image.
Detail: Page 148, The Sound and the Fury Ms
William Faulkner Foundation Collection, 1918-1959, Accession #6074 to 6074-d, Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections,
University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.   [Item Metadata: THE SOUND AND THE FURY, Autograph manuscript. 140 p. (146 R, 2 V) on 146 l. Slipcase.]


They approached the square, where the Confederate soldier gazed with his empty eyes from beneath his marble
hand in wind and weather. Luster took still another notch in himself and [tried?] to beat Queenie into more motion,
casting his glance about the square. "Dar Mr Jason's car," he said, then he spied another group of negroes. "'Les
show dem niggers something, Benjy," he said, "What you say?" He looked back. Ben sat, holding the flower, his
gaze empty and untroubled. Luster hit Queenie again and swung to the left at the monument.

For an instant Ben sat in an utter hiatus. Then he bellowed. Bellow on bellow his voice mounted, with scarce
intervals for inbreath. There was more than astonishment in it, it was horror; shock; agony eyeless, tongueless, just
sound, and Luster, eyes backrolling for a white instant. "Gret God," he said. "Hush! Hush! Gret God!" He
whirled again and struck Queenie with the switch. It broke, and with Ben's voice mounting toward an unbelievable
crescendo. Luster caught up the reins and swung the ends back as Jason came jumping across the square and onto
the step. With a backhanded blow he hurled Luster aside and caught the lines and sawed Queenie about
and doubled them [illegible] and cut her across the hips. He cut her again and again, into a plunging gallop while
<Ben bellowed and bellowed> Ben's hoarse agony roared about them, and swung her back to the right of the
monument. Then he struck Luster over the head with his fist.

"Dont you know any better than to take him to the <right> left?" he said. He leaned back and struck
Ben, breaking the flower stalk again. "Shut up!" he said. "Shut up!" He jerked Queenie back and jumped down.
"Get to hell on home with him. If you ever cross that gate with him again, I'll kill you!"

"Yes, suh!" Luster said. He hit Queenie with the reins. "Git up! Git up der! Benjy, fer God's sake!"

<But Ben had stopped. When Jason struck him> Queenie moved again, [illegible] her feet were clip-clopping as of
old and Luster looked back once then [illegible] front again and drove on. The flower drooped across Ben's fist and
his eyes were empty and serene again as <post and tree, cornice and [balcony?] and facade flowed smoothly across
his [mind?] from left to right> <the scene flowed smoothly once more across his [mind?] from left to right, post and tree,
cornice and <[balcony?> wall and facade < each> flowed smoothly once more across his [mind?] from left to right, post and tree,
lamp and sign and door each in its ordered place.