Character Frequency Table

On this table are the Characters who appear in at least 5 different Yoknapatawpha fictions. Over three-quarters of them are male, and the largest single demographic category is white, male and upper class. All of the 7 Negro characters on the list are associated with Yoknapatawpha's upper class white families as slaves or servants, but this group includes Loosh, one of the very few slaves in the fictions who resists his enslavement. All 6 of the table's historical figures (Lee, Grant, Lincoln, Sherman, Jackson and Forrest) are from the Civil War era, and only one of them - Forrest - actually appears in a text. Of the 67 Snopeses who are mentioned or appear in the fictions, only 6 make the cut, and 2 of them - Eula and Linda - are not biologically Snopeses at all. It's interesting to note how many of Faulkner's most memorable characters don't qualify for the list, and it should be acknowledged that the designation "Major Character" reflects the scholarly judgment of the teams of collaborators who analyzed each text. - Stephen Railton

Character Key NameNumber of TextsAs Major Character
John Sartoris I214
Bayard Sartoris II189
Gavin Stevens1712
Jason Lycurgus Compson II130
Major de Spain122
Isaac McCaslin122
Nathan Bedford Forrest110
General Robert E. Lee110
Flem Snopes116
Will Varner111
General Grant100
Theophilus McCaslin 1101
Rosa Millard106
V.K. Suratt|Ratliff107
Vernon Tull100
Carothers Roth Edmonds93
Louis Grenier90
General Stonewall Jackson90
Joby 190
Charles Mallison II96
Henry Armstid82
Mrs. Jason Compson II80
Quentin Compson III86
Quentin Compson II81
Virginia Sartoris Du Pre82
Alexander Holston80
Abraham Lincoln80
Doctor Lucius Peabody80
General Sherman80
Ab Snopes83
I.O. Snopes81
Mrs. Armstid71
Lucas Quintus Carothers McCaslin Beauchamp74
Jason Compson III73
Manfred de Spain71
Sam Fathers73
Boon Hogganbeck72
General Joseph Johnston70
Bayard Sartoris III71
Benbow Sartoris70
Lemuel Stevens70
Thomas Sutpen72
Jody Varner71
Jason Compson IV63
Chevalier Soeur-Blonde de Vitry60
Walter Ewell60
Linda Snopes Kohl61
Charles Mallison I60
Maggie Stevens Mallison60
John Sartoris III62
Eula Varner Snopes62
Cora Tull60
Uncle Ash51
Molly Worsham Beauchamp51
Candace Compson53
Caroline Bascomb Compson51
Zachary Edmonds50
Res Grier51
Doctor Habersham51
Jack|Zack Houston51
Mrs. Littlejohn51
General Longstreet50
Rafe MacCallum50
Lon Quick I50
Drusilla Hawk Sartoris53
Narcissa Benbow Sartoris53
Clarence Snopes51