Searching Digital Yoknapatawpha

DY's Location, Character, Event, Cumulative Location and Cumlative Character databases contain well over a quarter of a million data points, any one of which can become a launching point for an analysis of Faulkner's world. Use the Search engines here to find:

  • all the plantations in the fictions (Search Cumulative Locations>Type>Plantation);
  • or all the bi-racial characters Faulkner created (Cumulative Characters>Race>MixedBlackWhite) -
  • or use the "by text" Character Search (Characters>Text:[leave blank]>Race>MixedBlackWhite) to see in which texts, and when in Faulkner's career, characters in this racial category appear;
  • or all the scenes where Flem Snopes appears in The Hamlet (Events>Text:Hamlet & Character:Flem>Present);
  • or where his wife is mentioned throughout the 68 texts (Cumulative Characters>Name:Eula>Mentioned);
  • or all the events that take place during the Civil War (Events>Text:[leave blank]>Era>Civil War) or that re-present slavery in some way (Events>Text:[leave blank]>Keywords>Cultural Issues>Slavery).
    Flem is mentioned in 8 of the 68 texts, and appears in person in 10 of them. Slavery is depicted or discussed in 29 of the 68.

NOTE ON KEYWORDS: The project's editors are still in the process of tagging all the 8270 Events in the fictions with the keywords we devised, so in most cases your searches will return some but not all the relevant places in the fictions. There's a list of the texts that have been tagged at least once linked to the Events Search page.