Location Frequency Table

Listed here are the Locations that appear in 3 or more of the Yoknapatawpha fictions, organized by the number of texts they appear in. The total for the first location on the list - the Courthouse and Square at the center of Jefferson - includes the 17 instances when the editors of Digital Yoknapatawpha could not identify a more specific place in Jefferson as the Location of an Event, such as when we assume a first-person narrator is located somewhere in the town, or "the town" itself is telling a story, or the text simply refers to the town generically, as when the federal agent in "The Tall Men" says he will "take these men back to Jefferson" (53). In any given text, this Location may be used in more than one of these ways, but the Type field in the Location Search engine allows you to disambiguate them as "Courthouse and Square," "Courthouse Trial," "Courthouse Office," or "Jefferson Event."

Location NameNumber of TextsDY Map/Area
Jefferson Courthouse and Square49Jefferson
Memphis, Tennessee37Region
Jefferson Railroad Station22Jefferson
Varner's Store18SE Yoknapatawpha
County Jail16Jefferson
New Orleans, Louisiana16Region
Sartoris Plantation15NW Yoknapatawpha
Jefferson Drugstore14Jefferson
Washington D.C.14Nation
Compson Place13Jefferson
Jefferson Cemetery13Jefferson
Sartoris Bank|Merchants' and Farmers' Bank12Jefferson
Fishing Camp|Hunting Camp12NW Yoknapatawpha
Hurricane Creek and Bottom12NW Yoknapatawpha
Europe in World War I12World
Jefferson Barbershop11Jefferson
Jefferson Movie Theater|Airdome11Jefferson
Grenier Plantation|Old Frenchman Place11SE Yoknapatawpha
St. Louis, Missouri11Nation
Judge Stevens'|Gavin Stevens' Office10Jefferson
Stevens-Mallison House10Jefferson
Road Between Jefferson and Frenchman's Bend10SE Yoknapatawpha
Harvard University10Nation
New York City, New York10Nation
Holston House9Jefferson
Jefferson Livery Stable9Jefferson
McCaslin-Edmonds Place9NE Yoknapatawpha
Parchman Penitentiary9Region
Chicago, Illinois9Nation
Jefferson Railroad Line8Jefferson
Jefferson Square Monuments8Jefferson
Sartoris Plantation Slave Cabin8NW Yoknapatawpha
Road between Jefferson and Mottstown8SE Yoknapatawpha
Jackson, Mississippi8Region
Vicksburg, Mississippi8Region
Jefferson Hardware Store7Jefferson
Jefferson Post Office7Jefferson
Jefferson Restaurant7Jefferson
Jefferson Side-Street Restaurant7Jefferson
Big Woods|Big Bottom7NW Yoknapatawpha
De Spain Mansion7NW Yoknapatawpha
Tallahatchie River Bottom7NW Yoknapatawpha
Frenchman's Bend7SE Yoknapatawpha
Frenchman's Bend Church7SE Yoknapatawpha
Mississippi State Insane Asylum (Jackson)7Region
Oxford, Mississippi7Region
Carolina in the Civil War7Nation
Georgia in the Civil War7Nation
Virginia in the Civil War7Nation
Bank of Jefferson6Jefferson
Jefferson Department Store6Jefferson
Jefferson Doctor's Office6Jefferson
Jefferson Grocery Store6Jefferson
Jefferson Negro Church6Jefferson
Jefferson School6Jefferson
Negro Hollow|Freedman Town6Jefferson
Choctaw|Chickasaw Plantation6NW Yoknapatawpha
Northwest Road|Jefferson to Memphis6NW Yoknapatawpha
Sartoris Plantation Pasture6NW Yoknapatawpha
Northeast Road|Jefferson to Beat Four6NE Yoknapatawpha
Road North from Jefferson6NE Yoknapatawpha
Armstids' Farm6SE Yoknapatawpha
Frenchman's Bend Schoolhouse6SE Yoknapatawpha
Heidelberg University, Germany6World
Jefferson Alleys5Jefferson
Jefferson Church5Jefferson
Jefferson Hotel5Jefferson
Jefferson Power Plant5Jefferson
Sartoris Plantation Barn and Lot5NW Yoknapatawpha
Sartoris Plantation Other Slave Cabin5NW Yoknapatawpha
Lucas Beauchamp's Cabin5NE Yoknapatawpha
Mrs. Littlejohn's Place5SE Yoknapatawpha
Tulls' Farm5SE Yoknapatawpha
Varner House5SE Yoknapatawpha
Tennessee in the Civil War5Region
University of Mississippi, Oxford5Region
Cumberland Gap|Cumberland Mountains5Nation
New Mexico5Nation
Paris, France5World
Indian Agency4Jefferson
Jefferson Female Academy4Jefferson
Jefferson Newspaper Office|Printing Shop4Jefferson
Jefferson Water Tower4Jefferson
Mr. Buffaloe|Bullock's House4Jefferson
Sartoris Plantation Orchard4NW Yoknapatawpha
Sartoris Plantation Spring4NW Yoknapatawpha
Tallahatchie Steamboat Landing4NW Yoknapatawpha
McCaslin Commissary4NE Yoknapatawpha
Site of Bayard's Second Accident4NE Yoknapatawpha
Tallahatchie Crossing|Iron Bridge|Wyott's Crossing|Wyliesport|Wylie's Crossing4NE Yoknapatawpha
Jack|Zack Houston's Land4SE Yoknapatawpha
Quicks' Farm4SE Yoknapatawpha
Quiet Road in Frenchman's Bend4SE Yoknapatawpha
Shiloh, Tennessee4Region
Starkville, Mississippi4Region
Government Field|Dayton, Ohio4Nation
University of Virginia, Charlottesville4Nation
European Theater in World War II4World
Hawaii|Pearl Harbor4World
South America4World
Benbow House3Jefferson
Compson Place: Dilsey's Cabin3Jefferson
Flem Snopes' Bungalow3Jefferson
Hamp Worsham's Place|Negro Servants' Cabin3Jefferson
Jefferson Baptist Church3Jefferson
Jefferson Blacksmith Shop3Jefferson
Jefferson Boarding House3Jefferson
Jefferson Cemetery Monuments3Jefferson
Jefferson Cotton Gin3Jefferson
Jefferson Farmers' Supply Store3Jefferson
Jefferson Federal Courthouse3Jefferson
Jefferson High School3Jefferson
Jefferson Negro School3Jefferson
Jefferson Negro Store District3Jefferson
Jefferson Opera House3Jefferson
Jefferson Telegraph Office3Jefferson
Jefferson Ten-Cent Store3Jefferson
Rouncewell's Boarding House|Commercial Hotel3Jefferson
Worsham|Habersham House3Jefferson
Deer Crossing in the Big Woods3NW Yoknapatawpha
Episcopal Church in the County3NW Yoknapatawpha
Gum Tree|Pin Oak Tree3NW Yoknapatawpha
Logging Company Railroad3NW Yoknapatawpha
Road to Hunting Camp3NW Yoknapatawpha
Sartoris Plantation Gate3NW Yoknapatawpha
Sutpen Plantation3NW Yoknapatawpha
Tree Stand in Big Woods3NW Yoknapatawpha
Backus-Harriss Plantation3NE Yoknapatawpha
Country Club3NE Yoknapatawpha
George Wilkins' Cabin3NE Yoknapatawpha
MacCallum|McCallum Place3NE Yoknapatawpha
Rider and Mannie's Cabin3NE Yoknapatawpha
Slough where Ringo Whips Ab Snopes3NE Yoknapatawpha
Stable on McCaslin-Edmonds Place3NE Yoknapatawpha
Swamp by Tallahatchie River3NE Yoknapatawpha
Ambush Site Near Varner House3SE Yoknapatawpha
Bookwright's Farm3SE Yoknapatawpha
Bottom and Slough in Frenchman's Bend3SE Yoknapatawpha
Bridge over the Creek at Frenchman's Bend3SE Yoknapatawpha
County Poorhouse3SE Yoknapatawpha
Frenchman's Bend Blacksmith3SE Yoknapatawpha
Garden at Old Frenchman Place3SE Yoknapatawpha
Griers' Farm3SE Yoknapatawpha
Killegrews' Farm3SE Yoknapatawpha
Lonnie Grinnup's Shack|Tent3SE Yoknapatawpha
Mrs. Littlejohn's Lot3SE Yoknapatawpha
Samson's Bridge3SE Yoknapatawpha
Small Farms in Yoknapatawpha3SE Yoknapatawpha
Varner's Mill3SE Yoknapatawpha
Grenada, Mississippi|POW Camp3Region
Grumby's Hideout3Region
Hunting Camp in the Delta3Region
Memphis: Bus Depot3Region
Memphis: Frisco Station|Central Station3Region
Memphis Junction3Region
Memphis: Miss Reba's3Region
Mottstown|Mottson Railroad Station3Region
Nashville, Tennessee3Region
Natchez, Mississippi3Region
Natchez Trace3Region
Boston, Massachusetts3Nation
Charleston, South Carolina3Nation
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania3Nation
Mississippi River3Nation
Yale University, New Haven3Nation
Pacific Theater in World War II3World
The Biblical World3World
The Philippines3World