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“Red Leaves” “A Justice” “Lion” Absalom, Absalom! “The Old People” “Delta Autumn” “The Bear” Go Down, Moses Appendix: Compson “A Courtship” Intruder In The Dust “A Name for the City” Requiem for a Nun The Town The Mansion The Reivers
Issetibbeha Moketubbe Doom Sam Fathers ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Issetibbeha Doom Sam Fathers Moketubbe Tree 2 Dr. Habersham’sSon Issetibbeha/Indian Chief Mohataha/Mahataha/Doom’s Mother/Ikkemotubbe’s Mother/Issetibbeha’s Sister Ikkemotubbe/Doom/Sam’s Grandfather/Sam’s Father Boon’s Grandmother Boon Hogganbeck Enslaved Woman/Sam’s Grandmother/Sam’s Mother Enslaved Man/Sam’s Stepfather Had-Two-Fathers 1 Sam Fathers Issetibbeha’sGranddaughter Mohataha’sGrandchildren Moketubbe Moketubbe’s Son