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“A Bear Hunt” “Retreat” “Raid” “Lion” “Fool About Horse” Absalom, Absalom! “The Unvanquished” “Vendee” The Unvanquished The Hamlet “A Point Of Law” “The Old People” “Pantaloon in Black” “Gold Is Not Always” “Go Down, Moses” “Delta Autumn” Go Down, Moses Intruder In The Dust “Race At Morning” The Town The Mansion The Reivers
Uncle Ike McCaslin ? Uncle Ike McCaslin Lucius Quintus Carothers McCaslin/Old Carothers/Mr. McCaslin Amodeus McCaslin/Uncle Buddy Old Carothers’White Daughter McCaslin/Grandfather of Buck and Buddy Great-great-grandmother McCaslin/Mrs. Carothers McCaslin Eunice Thucydides McCaslin/Thucydus Enslaved Woman/Ned McCaslin’s Grandmother Tomasina/ Tomey’s Turl/Lucas Beauchamp’sFather Tennie Beauchamp Molly Worsham Beauchamp’s Mother Daughter of Enslaved Woman and Old Carothers/Ned McCaslin’s Mother Molly WorshamBeauchamp/Mollie/Mrs. Lucas Beauchamp Ned McCaslin Delphine McCaslin Lucas Beauchamp/Luke Fonsiba Beauchamp Fonsiba’s Husband James Beauchamp/Tennie’s Jim Unnamed Child ofTomey’s Turl and Callina Beauchamp Amodeus Beauchamp Bobo Beauchamp Daughter ofJames Beauchamp/Aunt of Roth’s Mistress Child of JamesBeauchamp Henry Beauchamp Nat BeauchampWilkins George Wilkins Daughter of Lucas and Molly Beauchamp/Samuel WorshamBeauchamp’s Mother Samuel WorshamBeauchamp’s Father Samuel WorshamBeauchamp Lucas’Grandchildren Granddaughter ofJames Beauchamp Theophilus McCaslin/Uncle Buck SophonsibaBeauchamp McCaslin Isaac McCaslin/Ike Mrs. Isaac McCaslin Cass Edmonds’Father/Edmonds Cass Edmonds’Mother/Mrs. Edmonds Ike McCaslin’sChildren Theophilus McCaslin 2/Ike’s Grandson Carothers McCaslin Edmonds/Cass Alice Edmonds Sarah Edmonds Priest Lucius QuintusCarothers Priest/Grandfather Priest Father of Lucius Priest I Mother of Lucius Priest I Zachary Edmonds/Zach/Zack/Father of Roth Edmonds Louisa Edmonds Carothers Edmonds/Roth Maury Priest I Alison Lessep Priest Lucius Priest II Alexander Priest Maury Priest II Lessep Priest Son of Lucius Priest II Lucius Priest III Son of Roth Edmonds and James Beauchamp’sGranddaughter Roth’s Mistress’ Cousin