Cumulative Locations Search

The Geographical Region field correlates with the way Locations are plotted on the maps of each text.

Searching by Map Icon uses the 15 broad categories we created to display Locations on those maps: "Office/store," for example, or "Public Building."

The Type field allows you to search Locations more specifically: "Doctor's Office" or "Drugstore," for example, and "School" or "Jail" or "Civic Office." The 146 types you can search for - listed alphabetically from "African Country" to "Yard" - will display differently with different browsers. If you're using Safari, you can click on the triangle to bring up the list. Chrome and IE users: click inside the box to bring up the triangle, and on the triangle to see the list. On Firefox: the first click inside the box displays recent searches; double click and (if necessary) scroll down past the horizontal line to bring up the full menu of Types. On all browsers you can also type directly into the box; if the type you're looking for is on the list, the program will help you find it. For example, "Combat Zone" is on the list, but "Battlefield" is not.

Location Name
Geographical Regions
All Inside Yoknapatawpha
Northwest Yoknapatawpha
Northeast Yoknapatawpha
Southeast Yoknapatawpha
Southwest Yoknapatawpha
All Outside Yoknapatawpha
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