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The Sound and the Fury “That Evening Sun” “A Justice” “Retreat” “Raid” “Skirmish At Sartoris” “Lion” Absalom, Absalom! “The Unvanquished” “Vendee” The Unvanquished “The Bear” Go Down, Moses “My Grandmother Millard” Appendix: Compson Intruder In The Dust “A Name for the City” Requiem for a Nun The Town The Mansion The Reivers
Quentin MacLachan Compson I Mrs. Quentin Compson II Charles Stuart Jason Lycurgus I Father of Quentin MacLachan I Mother of Quentin MacLachan I Quentin MacLachan II/ Governor Compson/ Great-grandfather Mrs. Jason Compson II Jason Lycurgus II/ General Compson/ Grandfather Quentin’s Aunt Jason III/ General Compson’s Son/ Quentin’s Father/ Jason’s Father Caroline Bascomb Compson/ Mother/ Jason’s Mother Damuddy Maury Bascomb/ Uncle Maury Quentin/ Narrator Caddy/ Candace Herbert Head/ Caddy’s First Husband Jason IV Benjy/ Benjamin/ Maury (Miss) Quentin ? ? ? ? Quentin MacLachanCompson I Charles Stuart Mrs. QuentinCompson II Jason Lycurgus I Father ofQuentin MacLachan I Mother ofQuentin MacLachan I Quentin MacLachan II/Governor Compson/Great-grandfather Mrs. JasonCompson II Jason Lycurgus II/General Compson/Grandfather Quentin’s Aunt Jason III/General Compson’s Son/Quentin’s Father/Jason’s Father Caroline Bascomb Compson/Mother/Jason’s Mother Damuddy Maury Bascomb/Uncle Maury Quentin/Narrator Caddy/Candace Herbert Head/Caddy’s First Husband Jason IV Benjy/Benjamin/Maury (Miss) Quentin Caddy’s Lovers/Father of Miss Quentin Caddy’s Second Husband