Using Digital Yoknapatawpha in the Classroom

DY When You Only Know 1 Faulkner Story

Erin Penner

This 7-minute video is organized around two related concerns that classroom teachers will be familiar with. First published in January, 1931, "Dry September" deals with the sensational theme of racial violence in the deep South, but Faulkner's depiction of a lynching is indirect, and may be particularly difficult for 21st-century students, used to the more explicit norms of our contemporary culture, to apprehend. And it may not be easy for teachers to figure out how or even why to use the resources of Digital Yoknapatawpha in a course where they're only reading one Faulkner text. In particular, this video demonstrates how to use DY's Search and Keyword functions to take students deeper into "Dry September," and at the same time the technique it describes can be used with just about any other Faulkner text.

Citing this source:
Erin Penner, "DY When You Only Know 1 Faulkner Story" Digital Yoknapatawpha, University of Virginia, (Date added to project: 2021)